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New Bethel 21 Units.jpg
Proposal 1
New Bethel 12 units.jpg
Proposal 2

This is a preliminary and basic drawing of our future church facility.  Notice that the old sanctuary will be converted into a fellowship hall/family life center.  The new sanctuary to the right will seat 400 persons.  There will be a beautiful green space located between the family life and the new sanctuary.  On the back of the complex are two levels that will be equipped with an elevator.  The commercial kitchen and pre-school facility will be housed on the bottom level.  On the upper level will be classrooms and offices for Program Believe and perhaps other program initiatives.  What I am very excited about is the proposed apartment complex that you see located to the right of the sanctuary complex.  These apartments will be constructed on a portion of our current property and on the two properties that lie adjacent that we will endeavor to acquire.  In Proposal 1 there will be 9 first floor units and 12 second floor units for a total of 21 units.  If we are not able to acquire the adjacent properties, then we will construct the apartment complex on the current property that we own as depicted in Proposal 2.  This complex will have 8 second floor units and 4 first floor units for a total of 12 units.  Overall, this new facility will be to the glory of God as it will provide a wonderful place for Believers to assemble for the worship of God and the study of His Word for many years into the future.  At the same time, it will be used to provide human services to the community in which it is situated.  As you see, the vision has expanded.  Please continue to pray that God will bring this vision to complete fruition.  

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